Nvidia GTX Titian For Mac


The Nvidia GTX Titan has been out on the market for several month. However users did not have access to any working drivers for the card and installing 10.8.3 update made the system un-bootable with the card installed. Since then Apple has provided developers with a new Beta for Mac OS X 10.8.4. The latest Beta gives the Titan full functionality under Mac OS X.

To enable the card a clean install of Mac OS X 10.8.3 was performed using another graphics card. Then the 10.8.4 Combo Update was installed as was CUDA from Nvidia. After verifying the system booted after the updated was applied the Nvidia GTX Titan card was installed. Then proceeded with booting with the card installed.

Under Mac OS X 10.8.4 the Nvidia GTX Titan worked perfectly and supports up to 4 monitors. Below you can see that on are testing system we used 3 monitors. After installing CUDA from Nvidia we were able to obtain full CUDA support in CUDA supported applications.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11.05.52 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11.06.02 PM

CudaWe then  started running benchmarks to see what performance the card would provide. Using Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 we obtained the following results:



Next we attempted to benchmark OpenCL but were unable to due the the applications crashing. However OpenCL games and applications were working properly on the testing system.

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48 Responses to Nvidia GTX Titian For Mac

  1. Lars says:

    So from a new build, can I just purchase a Nvidia Titan and use it with my hackintosh system?

    I was also wondering if this hardware is good enough:
    ASUS Rampage IV Extreme x79
    3930k 6 core processor
    2x SSD for Hackintosh (Corsair force GS 360gb)
    2x SSD for Windows (Intel 330 60gb)
    1x HDD for media storage (Seagate barracuda 2tb)
    1x LG combo drive blu-ray
    32gb RAM Corsair Vengence 1600mhz
    Corsair H80i CPU liquid cooler
    Either I will use GeForce GTX TITAN (if you recommend it) or I will use GeForce GTX 680 ..
    And of course the case (Corsair Graphite 600T) and wifi card.

    • rampagedev says:

      The Titan GPU if you can afford it is the way to go.

      There is no point in getting the Asus Rampage Extreme if you are only using 32GB of ram. Also if you want Raid you will need a raid card. Get Samsung 840 or SanDisk Extreme as the corsair and intel ones are horrible. Get Western Digital RED HDD if you care about not having your HDD failing in 6 months. LG drives have sleep issues look at Sony or Samsung drives.

    • rampagedev says:

      Also if you email me you EXACT budget I can see what I can do.

  2. Lars says:

    Sure, yes please.
    Can I please have your email address.

  3. James says:

    I’m using

    LSI/3ware 9750 for RAID with BBU for RAID + Samsung 840Pro and
    RR2720 as an HBA with WD-AV/GP with ZEVO for hard disks.

    The AV/GP drives are more cost effective and are built for endurance. They lack TLER found on the WD Red, but ZFS overcomes this (and is better IMHO).

    I would not trust the highpoint cards for RAID.

    • rampagedev says:

      RocketRAID’s are LSI. They just rebrand them.

      • James says:

        Did not know that, thanks. The 9750 doesn’t look anything like the Highpoint cards, and it performs well. The RRs are fine as HBAs for my purposes and are very inexpensive. But as you pointed out, the support is 3rd party and underwhelming. LSI’s support has been much better.
        I like ATTO from my experience in the SCSI era, and may look at their cards

      • rampagedev says:

        I am not saying they are the same CHIP from LSI just that they are LSI.

        The latest ATTO cards are really cool but expense. $950-1200 is the price range for the newest model for mac and the $1200 is just crazy.

    • rampagedev says:

      ATTO is the way to go under Mac OS X if you want high end raid as they are the only ones with ram and battery backup that is certified under Mac OS X 10.8.x

  4. Jordan says:

    Hi rampagedev,
    I have a Hackintosh build that I have been collating for a while and was wondering if your could go over it for me. I have all the parts in an excel spread sheet and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind passing me your email address.

  5. Stefano says:

    Hi rampagedev,
    I have a Mac with quadro 4000, I upgraded from 10.8.3 to 10.8.4 (12E52) combo,
    put in GTX titan and the screen stays black. If I put the GTX Titan along with the quadro the system hangs on boot. What I am doing wrong?
    Thanks, S>

    • rampagedev says:

      In a real MAC I am assuming…. Could be that it is not getting enough power. Also there is no EFI so at boot it will stay Black. Could be that the Nvidia drivers for the Titan are not self initiating for the Titan yet.

  6. Stefano says:

    it is a real mac, It’s not power, I added another 430 W power only for the titan card.
    Model Name: Mac Pro
    Model Identifier: MacPro5,1

    Memory: 96 GB
    Processor Interconnect Speed: 5.86 GT/s
    Boot ROM Version: MP51.007F.B03
    SMC Version (system): 1.39f5
    SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f5

    I am not sure what it means that drivers don’t self initiate (?)

  7. Julio Daolio says:

    Hello Hanpage
    Well, Hackin in this configuration with the running board EGVA NVIDIA GTX TITAN.

    GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TM – Hi-fi
    i7 3770K
    CORSAIR SSD 240 + HD 2TB + 2TB HD
    COUGAR 850W
    1 BLU-RAY + 1 DVD/CD

    Surely there must be using only parts of resources, but still it going.
    In Geekbench reached without reaching over 13,500 to 12,370 a 64b and 32b.
    Now with the addition of a Firewire, PCI + 2 drives in this 12,900 and 11,700. I do not know if this OK.
    The interface Fireware M-AUDIO ProjectMix IO is running cool with the driver ML 10.7.4.

    However the issue now and run MONITOR DUAL (DUAL SCREEN). Use two monitors 23pol. and are connected to the GTX TITAN with two DVI DUAL-LINK (high resolution). In System Preferences / Displays appears only one monitor. In the past with other Hackin already had this problem, but do not remember how I decided.

    Any tips?
    Can you help me?
    thank you

    • rampagedev says:

      Not sure as all ports work OOB. Try using another port for the 2nd monitor.

      • Julio Daólio says:

        Well Rampagedev
        I appreciate the tip. After much research and attempts my system is fully installed, configured and updated. EVGA GTX TITAN works well with two displays and all ability CUDA is available. Installed PREMIERE CC7 and LOGIC X has been working great.
        Thank you for your attention.

      • regnaD kciN says:

        Working on reaching that point with my Titan.

      • Julio Daolio says:

        Well, boot.plist:

        Kernel Flags
        Legacy Logo
        Graphics Mode

  8. regnaD kciN says:

    I’m trying to replace an ATI 6870 with an EVGA NVIDIA Titan.
    This is the system:
    Gigabyte x58-UD3R v2 FF, i7 970 6 core, ATI 6870 3-monitors, 24g ram, running osx 10.8.4.
    500g SSD system boot drive. DSDT. External bluetooth running a magic pad.

    What do you suggest for installation? ( I’m getting kernel panic at start up and/or hanging at startup screen when booting as is.) Is there a way to inject the new kexts with device IDs or can I update them with the new nvidia CUDA drivers? I saw that you did a clean install with a different card, which one?

  9. regnaD kciN says:

    ahh!! I’ll give that a try tonight around 8pm!
    Thank you

  10. regnaD kciN says:

    should I replace the code with nvidia code or just use GraphicsEnabler=Yes?

  11. regnaD kciN says:

    here is my smbios and boot. plist: do you see any errors? GA x58a-ud3r v2 FF, i970, EVGA Titan
    btw thank you for your time

    Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc.

    Kernel Flags
    darkwake=0 nvda_drv=1
    Legacy Logo

  12. regnaD kciN says:

    what am i missing, here?
    I’m trying to get some card data from Ubuntu with no luck other than my driver VESA: GK110 – 20830010
    acpidump is giving me fits

  13. regnaD kciN says:

    would it be easier to install both cards? Leave the ati 6870 in PCI1 and put the Titan in PCI2?

  14. regnaD kciN says:

    rampagedev… i think i need some help here.

  15. regnaD kciN says:

    clean dsdt and IOReg should be there

  16. Donal says:

    Should there be any special consideration for running multiple Titans on a Rampage IV Extreme?

    (Thanks so much for all your work btw)

  17. I am running a Mac Pro 4,1 and would love to run a Titan with additional PS. Do I need to get the card flashed in order to get PCI 2.0 speeds?

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