4930K Over-clocking For Mac OS X


The following are suggested 4930K Over-clocking settings for Mac OS X. Mac OS X is written for a max core speed of 4.2 GHz and there is very little to be gained past that speed. I take no responsibility for any damage that may happen due to the Overclock.

The settings changed are the following:

XMP Over-clock

BCLK Frequency: 125.000

CPU Strap: 125 MHz

CPU Core Ratio: Sync All Cores

CPU Core Ratio: 34

CPU VCORE Manual Voltage: 1.35

VTT CPU Voltage: 1.2

2nd VTTCPU Voltage: 1.20302

Load Line Calibration: High

CPU Current Capability: 130%

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34 Responses to 4930K Over-clocking For Mac OS X

  1. marsofearth says:

    Cool. I have been wanting to build a 4930k based Hackintosh system. Sounds like you succeeded. Is it Golden? Where can I find more info about your 4930k build. I notice there are ASUS motherboard files. Do you use ASUS motherboard? I am also considering options for pro-graphics ATI FirePro or nVidia Quadro for my 3D CAD work when I am not working on Print/Design stuffs. Maybe the nVidia Titan would be enough though? Love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. Glad I found your site!


  2. DJenkins says:

    Thanks rampage I’ll give these settings a try!
    Mars – to further add to rampage’s comment – nvidia have made a revision the Titan, GTX780 and GTX780Ti which has made these cards incompatible with openCL functions in OSX. Word from nvidia is they are working on it but there’s no definite timeframe as technically they’re not obliged to make these cards OSX compatible. If you look around for second hand cards you may be able to find a Titan or GTX780 with the original ‘A’ revision.

    Until then my GTX780 Classified is sitting next to my desk unused 😦

    • Mars says:

      I will certainly look for the A revision then! I never play games so I think a 780 would be a mismatch, so I am leaning towards the Titan as a close psuedo-pro board I could use, now just to find one of the A revision models!

      Bites about your 780, the classified is a very highly rated card from what I understand.

      Thank you!

  3. frankiee says:

    So you are essentially upping BCLK and leave the mulitpliers as is? This should also work together with the newly gained CPU PM support, correct?

  4. erikwestlund says:

    I was running similar settings with a BLCK of 120… upped it to 125 and matched your settings and it’s smooth. 24,700 on Geekbench. I’ve been running statistical apps crunching numbers on big data sets and it’s been reliable.

    Curious — what do you do for your memory? I have 1866 memory, I set it 2000 in the BIOS (equivalent to 1866, but OCed a little) and it shows as 1600 in OS X. Can’t imagine a performance difference either way.

    • rampagedev says:

      Will show under windows as 1600 as well. Its a issue with the BIOS. Only apps that read the BIOS and not read what windows reports will show the true speed. Cosmetic. Its a issue with the strap and windows and mac do not know how to deal with it.

  5. Mars says:

    Hmm… So with the Titan, every time I boot I would need to VM Windows to enable double precision? Not sure how to spot a Version A from a Version B either…. hmmm I wonder If I should just go with a 580 or a Quadro 4000 then?

  6. Alex says:

    I seem to be stable with a 3930k at 132BCLK which straps to 125 giving me just a hair over 4.2ghz on an asrock extreme4.
    Do multiplier overclocks just not work on hackintosh? This seems to be the only way for me to get it working.
    Seeing just a hair over 20k geekbench

  7. Ali says:

    OC’ing LGA2011 with the BCLK doesn’t OC the rest of the system also does it? I’ve heard from people that OC’ing the BCLK will overclock your PCI cards too and I want to make sure if that is true or not.

  8. flmmkr says:

    2nd VTTCPU Voltage: 1.20302

    I only have one VTTCPU in my Asus P9X79-E WS BIOS. Is there another name for this setting?

  9. Per Henrik Rasmussen says:

    In the Gigabyte x79 dmg there´s a stock dsdt and a 4,5 GHz.
    Why 4,5 and not 4,2 cons. your explanation about OS X
    is written for a max core speed of 4.2 GHz ?

  10. Per Henrik Rasmussen says:

    Sorry SSDT not DSDT

    • rampagedev says:

      First there is only the x79 DMG (its all one unified DMG). Second if you run windows you might need more power so 4.5 is a good OC for windows. And from my tests you are still limited by the OC settings under the BIOS so you can have it to 4.2 and will cap out there. I will be posting a updated OC guide soon as this one is dated since we have fully working PM.

      • Ahmed Shantonu says:

        Dear rampagedev: I am in process of building a hackintosh with ASUS Rampage IV Extreme and 4930K. is there really any power management support on this CPU? Do you have any how to tutorial to OC this CPU to a good speed which will be good for windows and hackintosh? Please give me a good directions. I am just afraid as I am switching my hackintosh from a ASROCK 1150 to ASUS Rampage IV Extreme 2011 with 4930K. Is that really gonna run smooth ? I will use amd7970 or R9 780X for graphics as I am not gonna use that for gaming.
        Thanks in Advance

      • rampagedev says:

        The board and CPU are fully supported via my DMG. Do not buy a AMD GPU at this time. Not very stable under mac and the drivers on windows are a mess. Get a GTX 760 or a PNY GTX 770.

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