Linus Tech Tips Hachintosh Review


I would like to welcome everyone who has watched the latest Linus Tech Tips review video on x79 Hackintosh. For those who have not seen the video you can find it here. If you have any questions about Hackintosh please feel free to post them here and I will answer them to my best ability. 


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50 Responses to Linus Tech Tips Hachintosh Review

  1. Daniel Iskander says:

    Can you install Hackintosh on a MSI Z87-G45? I built my PC this summer and im pretty sure everything else i have is compatible.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. dcasewoods says:

    Holy fuck man. Good for you! You’re gonna get blasted with Jabronis trying to get you to cradle them during their OS X install… Don’t forget about us now that you’re all famous and shit. -Danny

  3. Stephen D. says:

    This isn’t related to Hackintosh, but I’ve looked all over in Mac forums and can’t get an answer to my question. You seem like you might know.
    On my previous install, Snow Leopard, I had my Applications folder subdivided into category folders – Word apps, Web apps, Finance apps, Adobe apps, Games, etc.
    I also put all of the Apple utilities into a folder called Utilities (see what I did there?) and any system-type utilities I added into a folder called Utilities Added. (OK, so I’m OCD.)
    Well, now in Mavericks, it won’t allow me to move the Apple apps out of the main Applications folder. I can copy them to my Utilities subfolder but I can’t then delete them from the main folder.
    Message says something like “cannot delete, needed by system”.
    So my nice, neat subdivided Applications folder is cluttered up with all these myriad Apple apps, the majority of which I don’t even use. Irritating.
    I know this isn’t life or death and If I have to live with it I will, but I’m just hoping there’s a secret tweak out there that someone knows that will help me organize the files the way I want.
    Thanks and Aloha,

    • rampagedev says:

      In LaunchPad Drag one of the apps over another app you want in the same folder and Drop it onto it. It will create a new folder and you can click the name in the folder and name it. Its a flawed method what Apple did… Better since Lion but still needs a lot of work.

  4. Stephen D. says:

    Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t even use Launchpad. Never looked at it until just now.
    Are you saying that’s the only way to organize app files?
    I rearranged the files as you suggested in Launchpad but it didn’t change anything in my Applications folder.
    Aloha, Stephen.

  5. frankiee says:

    Hi Andrew, do you have a solution meanwhile for non working autosleep when using MacPro 6,1 SMBIOS? Bc. when using this, I do not see any setting for that in the energy saver prefpane.

    • rampagedev says:

      No setting to change. Auto sleep works for me. Not a option that should be changed with LGA 2011.

      • frankiee says:

        i.e. when your display sleeps, your machine sleeps as well? Does not happen to me …

      • rampagedev says:

        Yes. When on my test drive. My main drive is on SAS so no sleep.

      • frankiee says:

        Ahhhh these pesky damn sleep problems. Also still get those USB save/restore errors. And when I use Mac Mini SMBIOS (which I should not, I know), I get both sliders for setting sleep back (Monitor / Computer), and autosleep works again. Any idea what can that be?

      • rampagedev says:

        Sounds like the pm defaults are different. You can use terminal to change them.

      • frankiee says:

        OK, I think I got it! I had set darkwake=1 before so that I did not need to press the keyboard twice when waking up. Clearing the darkwake flag seemed to solve the problem. Additionally, I set the USB clockID (via clover) now so that I can wake up only using the Power Button – which I like better anyway. So, the only sleep problem remains is that OS X still has problems saving / restoring USB context, leading to complaints about mounted USB storage devices being ejected improperly. Any ideas on how to solve that?

    • arehep says:

      Execute this cmd. in terminal
      sudo pmset -g
      That´ll show you how the values for Display,Disk and System Sleep Timer is on your setup.
      Then you can change these values to whatever you decide using these cmd´s
      sudo pmset -a sleep 10 (System sleep)
      sudo pmset -a disksleep 6
      sudo pmset -a displaysleep 5

      • arehep says:

        There´s an app called Jettison that will solve the USB issue for you.
        You can buy it from App Store

      • frankiee says:

        Thanks for pointing me to this app, arehep! I will surely try this. So, as it seems that there is just an app for that, seems like this particular issue is not tied to hackintoshes, but also can affect “real” macs, too? But I tried with my laptop (sleeping with mounted USB stick), and I did NOT get the same message as with my hack. Oh well. Thanks anyway!

  6. hi andrew. you helped linus hope you can also help me. i have a gigabyte h77-ds3h (not h77m ds3h or h77 dsh which are bit easier) i did install mountain lion on one of my hdd but had some issue with sound didnt worked with my 760 (now after linus video i will try graphic enabler)and other issues which i cant remember. i am just asking are there any common tricks or new tools which i am missing. i used myhack for process. also my hdd setup is 500-500-1TB. 1 500 is reserved for mac and its black. 1tb have my windows. can i dual boot these without easing my windows? i screwed up by changing bootloader and thats why my installation is corrupted. i want to give it a try again. what things should i follow?

  7. Thanks for your offer of assistance, I’ve got an interesting issue. I have a successful hackintosh on my machine (i5-3570k, radeon 7850, asrock z75 pro 3) with everything working except for the chameleon boot menu. I had it working in the past using boot0md on my windows 8.1 hard drive pointing to my separate Hackintosh hard drive all fine and dandy but I recently purchased an SSD and threw windows 8.1 on it. The Hackintosh now resides on the previous windows drive (with all traces of windows removed) and when I installed boot0md back on the windows SSD it does not boot chameleon no matter what drive is first in my boot order. The hackintosh drive throws a boot gpt error and the windows drive boots into windows. I have hibernate and quick boot turned off. The only thing I can think of that is causing a problem is that chameleon wizard and probably all of my chameleon settings were restored by time machine. I can get into my hackintosh with my unibeast flash drive. Also, relevant information may include the fact that my Hackintosh is on an MBR formatted drive whereas I believe the old one was GPT. Thanks for all of your potential help.

    • rampagedev says:

      No idea why you installed on a MBR… Installing Cham to the Hack hdd is what you need to do…

      • I’ve done this in the past though is the confusing part. Boot0md is installed to the windows HDD and boot1h on the hackintosh HDD. I can’t even get it to boot from the hackintosh drive by itself though. It instantly boots to windows no matter what drive I go to. All timeouts are at 30 seconds and no partitions are hidden. Ill back up my drive tomorrow when I have access to a ton of space and then reformat as GPT.

      • rampagedev says:

        Stop installing boot loader items you do not need! Clean wipe of the Hack drive and re install and install the boot loader properly. Do not mess with it and it will work.

  8. andy says:

    can OSX be installed on a MAXIMUS V FORMULA, 3570k and a gtx760?

  9. Emmanuel says:

    Ihave the motherboard asus Z87-K I would like to know if i could build a hacingtosh machine with that board . with cpu 4770k

  10. Emmanuel says:

    thanks for the so fast replying !! 🙂

  11. luciano2572 says:

    Hey, first of all – nice stuff man!
    I have a Rampage II Extreme w/ a i7 920 here, is it compatible with 10.9?
    Thanks in advance

  12. Reggie says:

    I attempted a hackintosh install and I got it installed fine and everything but when I went to actually boot in it, i got a wall of errors over the apple logo
    My mobo is a Z87-HD3

  13. saurav2525 says:

    Looks like Linus tech guy finally appreciate us ….& what we donig with Hackintosh.Good luck “DEV”

  14. Marvin says:

    I am planning to build a hackintosh soon and wondering if you can help me this will be the first pc I build and I appreciate all the help

  15. andrewp says:

    I just want to say a big thankyou for the premium help offered in the past 12 months
    I would have been lost without it
    many thanks

  16. slyvren says:

    I followed this build with almost identical parts (mobo, cpu, evga 780) etc. My issue is that I’m not so sure the overclock is working in osx. I run intel power gadget and it’s reporting the stock 3.4ghz. Is there a better way to confirm or am I missing something in the overclock process?

    Machine boots windows fine with overclock.

    Thanks for all you do!

      • slyvren says:

        I tried that, but it’s still reporting 3.4ghz. Oddly enough when came back from a sleep once it reported the correct overclock (when it was non-strapped). Gigabyte x79-up4 4930k. I’m not sure where to go from here. I’ve googled my arse off. Any guidance or even a pointer to where to go look would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  17. Manuel says:

    Hello there i build my oc finally but the point is im not pretty sure that my specs are compatible for an hackintosh machine.

    Spec List:

    mobo: ASUS Z-87 K
    CPU: PENTIUM g3240 (UPGRATING TO I7 4790K)
    hdd: WD CAVIAR BLACK 7200RPM 1 TB
    PSU : CORSAIR CX750w

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