Mac OS X 10.9.5 Released


Apple has released 10.9.5 today. This updated includes added features to IOS 8 and could be the last major update we see for 10.9. There are no known issues with 10.9.5 regarding Hackintosh’s and should be consider safe to install. Make sure to re-patch your audio with the 10.9.4 patch for the time being.

x99 users please do not update until the kernel is checked.


For those Nvidia users who are having issues with 10.9.5 we have a working solution. This was only tested on a single GPU configuration. Credit goes to Dank0. Install SMBIOS MacPro 3,1 and can be downloaded here for Chameleon Boot Loader. For clover remove the SMBIOS section for MacPro 6,1 from the Config file and then add this code:


Note this is a temporary solution.

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36 Responses to Mac OS X 10.9.5 Released

  1. stinga11 says:

    I just updated my system and the first thing I did was check the patch with hexfiend and is the same patch. It is possible that other things may have changed but the patch is the same.

    10.9.5 otool patch:
    ffffff80002cc986 cmpl $0x3c, %eax
    ffffff80002cc986 cmpl $0x3f, %eax

    Guys can try this other patch. The only problem with this patch is that it does not work with perl, it is necessary to copy the mach_kernel to Desktop or wherever you want and use a program to patch such as HexFiend or 0xED and then copy the patched mach_kernel and replace the original.

    eb0a83f83a to eb0a83f83f

  2. rampagedev says:

    Try without the retail drivers.

  3. alex says:

    hi andrew. i’m going to build this setup:
    rampage4extreme + 4930k. for working speedstep, should i use the Appleintelpowermanagement.kext? (on the pdf you wrote: Also you must update your SMBIOS.plist and install the updated FakeSMC for this to work properly
    4820 and 4930K does not need the patched Kext).
    sorry for my ignorance, but i want to be sure if i have to use the appleintelpowermangement.kext or not. thank you

    second question: on your over clocking guide, with your suggested settings, i will reach 4250mhz with 4930k, while the ssdt-1 is created for 4500 mhz. is this difference relevant?

  4. flmmkr says:

    I installed the 10.9.5 combo update and still can’t get both my Titans to work. Are you seeing any better results with the actual release like you were with the beta? I have a P9X79-E WS with 4930K and Titans in slots 1 and 5.

  5. Darkpulse says:

    flmmkr, how do you get your Titan working well ? Me I have to boot with nv_disable=1 otherwise I get a no signal on my screen after boot.

    X79 Deluxe
    GTX Titan Black

    • Darkpulse says:

      In any case, I can access to my desktop by a vnc connection and I can see the Titan Black is already seen by the system into the nvidia pref…But still no output signal to my monitors.
      That’s happens each time I update osx, before I always rebuilt from scratch but here I really want to solve and understand the issue…

      • flmmkr says:

        I didn’t do anything special. Without retail drivers and 1 Titan with 2 monitors connected it just works with no issues. Without retail drivers and 2 Titans each with 1 monitor connected, only the Titan in slot 1 works with its monitor. I do have to power cycle the monitor after the Apple logo (it goes to sleep after that) to get the desktop to show. I haven’t tried retail drivers with only 1 Titan, but tried with 2 Titans and get the same results.

      • rampagedev says:

        Same issue here and in 10.10. If I boot in every day this does not happen. But if I miss a day the system fails to see the monitor.

  6. dank0 says:

    I have exactly same problem – Two Titans slot1 and slot4. System profiler is not showing slot# on any of GPUs. I’M using SMBIOS Mac Pro 3.1. When I switch the SMBIOS to Mac Pro 5.1 or 6.1. the OS X sometimes boot on GPU1 sometimes on GPU2. with SMBIOS 3.1 boots always on GPU1. If I didn’t hate the apple HW – weak graphics cards, expensive upgrades. I will buy real Mac Pro. Before I had Mac Pro with Quadro 4600 and the card cost me over $2k that is ridiculous 😦

  7. flmmkr says:

    With the MacPro3,1 SMBIOS will we lose any capability or performance vs MacPro6,1?

    • rampagedev says:

      Should not. The FakeSMC version that I have keyed should allow the system to function properly without issue. We will find what the real issue is.

      • flmmkr says:

        Ok I’ll try it either tonight or tomorrow and let you know how it goes with a dual Titan setup.

      • flmmkr says:

        Just tested with the MacPro3,1 SMBIOS and it got both Titans working. I do have to power cycle at least one monitor and sometimes both to get both monitors to turn back on after they go into power save mode after the Apple logo, but otherwise all seems to be good. This is with the Nvidia retail drivers just released for 10.9.5. If there’s anything you want me to try with the MacPro6,1 SMBIOS to get that working right let me know.

      • dank0 says:

        Well like i said before – if you got black screen or monitor goes to sleep mode disconnect the cable from your first card and try to connect it to the the second titan card. OS X choosing the second card as primary – this is happening to me. I always saw that system is loading but my screens were black and after i just tried to switch the cables to other card and i was surprised that the screen is there 😉 excuse my English please. Also I switched from Chameleon to Clover. It helps to show the screens all the time. Only issue i had now is not slot # and apple store telling me that cannot identify my machine – still looking for solution. But I like Clover more – it loads my hackintosh faster.

      • rampagedev says:

        Clover does not make the system load any faster. Slot issue for the last time is cosmetic. I think I covered that several times before. Make sure to use my SSDT and Clover config file with the change of System ID to address the login issue with the app store.

  8. Darkpulse says:

    I confirm the temporary workaround is working for me. I can see my 2 monitors after boot with this trick.
    However, for me that does not look like a slot issue, every time I boot, even when I get the no signal trouble, I can see the Titan Black was detected in Slot-1. With this printscreen taked with a vnc we can see GPU card is correctly detected, but that’s monitors who’s not :

  9. Jens says:

    Do have two GTX780 – with same Issue after updating to 10.9.5. as rampage says, SM Bios 3,1 does the trick. have no further issues. but to say that with 10.10. the 3,1 SMBios will not help to resolve – there I still have one card active. looking forward to the results of the investigations rampage does.

  10. Odd, my MSI Lightning GTX680 is working like a charm. So for those with a 680, updating should be safe.

  11. Ufo says:

    I get full graphics but the problem is it get all images faded in iphoto and Got ati 5450 graphics .. can you guys help me why it shows faded images ?

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