x99 DMG Updated For 10.10


The x99 DMG as been updated to support Mac OS X 10.10.

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9 Responses to x99 DMG Updated For 10.10

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Andrew / Rampage
    Please could you help. I’m happy to donate atleast 50 usd if you can assist with a hardware list for my build and setup help. Id be happy to document this “bleeding edge” build that you can share on your site if you think its ok.

    id like to use Yosemite 10.10 with an X99 board.
    please can you recommend a hardware list that works OOB as much as possible.
    You can add edit / recommend :

    So far

    ASUS x99 Deluxe mobo
    i7 – 5820K
    GEforce EVGA GTX 970
    2 Samsung 850 pro SSDs for a windows 8.1 / OSX dual boot.
    RAM – Corsair or Crucial, was going to go with the reccomended ones on Amazon.
    In terms of sound / wifi / lan do i need any other specific hardware to better suit the yosemite?
    In addition to donating, im also happy to use your guide, and send you an extended guide for this particular build for u to add to your collection which im sure would help your collection / mission

  2. frozone says:

    ” Iā€™m happy to donate atleast 50 usd if you can …”
    “You can add edit / recommend :”

    Maybe you should make that donation *before* asking for something.

    While you’re at it, maybe you should double it to ask for forgiveness. šŸ˜›

      • Greg says:

        chief… any chance i can get a reply? could i do that build?

        ASUS x99 Deluxe mobo
        i7 ā€“ 5820K
        GEforce EVGA GTX 970
        2 Samsung 850 pro SSDs for a windows 8.1 / OSX dual boot.
        RAM ā€“ Corsair or Crucial

    • Greg says:

      geez… i was merely trying to commend the site owner and show him support… i havent had much luck on ths site in terms of replies… I might need more help than the average so was willing to donate more… please dont be a dick….

      • frozone says:

        Just having a laugh at your expense. The point is that Andrew already does an incredible amount of good for the entire community solving the really difficult problems related to hackintoshes. He would probably answer the hard part (if any) of your question for free. There is no need to sound like a dick *and* a noob by publicly offering him a shoe-shine tip on his blog.

        You could also ask the wider community on this site for input, as there are plenty of other very helpful and knowledgeable people who might be willing to help you with choosing your build. As for what SSDs, RAM or PS to buy, you would do better to read the reviews and Q&A for the specific components on Newegg’s site for the best advice there related to your motherboard and CPU combo.

        Again, if you want to contribute to his efforts and have the spare cash, there’s a link to donate at the top, or you can always contact him directly. By doing so, you are supporting an invaluable resource.

  3. Marcelo says:

    Hi rampagedev,

    I it possible to make my system work with yosemite!

    Intel 5930K
    16GB Ripjaws 2400 mhz
    Samsung 840 PRO SSD
    MSI 970 GTX GAMING 4 gb


  4. Gc says:

    Thanks, I apologise if it came out like some shoe shine tip, u indeed are right that he does alot, was never my intention to come out like that. I have indeed sent him a donation for in appreciation. For a beginner I guess it can get da u noting and hence I was probably a little desperate, as ordering parts that would pose problems would be the worst. Sometimes it’s just that ok yes buy that from a guru like Andrew that we beginners want. Also I’ve scoured tonacosx and never get replies and Andrew seems to reply and also have a more helpful approach. Anyway thanks again, sorry if i sounded rude. I shall await his or anyone’s ok on my hardware list

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