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  1. Mario says:

    Could you compile new Dsdt for 4403 Asus Rampage IV Formula bios? Thanks. I tried and the system are stable, but I can’t fix an audio problem…..the card is recognized, but it doesn’t produce sounds.

  2. Mario says:

    I sent an email with the files to your yahoo address. Thanks

  3. Inon Cohen says:

    Used your files for asus sabertooth and it works great!

    Thanks for the hard work!

  4. nazari.ali@me.com says:

    I’ve been using my x79 hackintosh with sabertooth x79 for a long time without a DSDT. If I use your dsdt will it fix the issues I’ve been having trying to over clock my cpu(multiplier staying at x32)? Is it also possible to install your DMG and delete my current extra folder, or do I have to start over fresh?

  5. liyangkuang says:

    First bravo for your help !

    I ‘d like to install osx mavericks on my pc (see config below)
    and i ‘d like to know which DMG to download,
    Best R,

    my setup :

    MB : Msi xpower 2
    CPU : I7 3820
    GPU : 2 X HD7990 DEvil 13 (quadfire)
    HD: some SSD and LSI 8260i raid 5 and raid 0

    Georges, LKG

  6. dank0 says:

    I tried to contact you through the email. Will be possible to edit SSDT for Asus P9X79 PRO?
    I need hardcode second Nvidia card on slot PCIe 4 (on the board is the slot 5 from the cpu) The OS X is changing the GPU – so sometimes boots on slot 1 sometimes slot 4. And I would like to also remove audio card (i’m using external USB audio card) onboard audio is disabled in the bios. Send me your Paypal acc. I will pay you for your time. Thanks 😉

  7. rampagedev says:

    Ssdt. This is no Dsdt ever on the dmg and that board is on the dmg. You must have a old version.

  8. rampagedev says:

    I will take a look later today.

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