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4 Responses to Gigabyte

  1. Ivo Kai says:

    Do you think that the SSDT from Gigabyte motherboards GA-970-D3P and GA-970-UD3 works on a GA-970-DS3P?

    • rampagedev says:

      No. You need to send me a DSDT extract and IOreg so I can add support for it.

      • Ivo Kai says:

        I read in a blog that mobo that have BIOS UEFI the OSX can identify their components automatically, without the need of a DSDT. If that’s the case… do I need a DSDT to make it work?

      • rampagedev says:

        Great question. First who ever said that lied to you. Your PC is not a Mac. Thus it does not use the same code in its ACPI tables that apple does. This break things in your system. The system can not and will not function properly. Look at it this way… if a car starts up and smoke and a knock is coming from the engine is that ok? No. So you will always need to patch the DSDT or use a SSDT injection table.

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