Extract Your Own DSDT

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6 Responses to Extract Your Own DSDT

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  3. Alejandro Muñiz Fernandez says:

    This DSDT that you are getting cannot be written, right? it is stored in a memory that couldn’t be erased I suppose. I’m asking this because I already have a Hackintosh installed and don’t know if the DSDT that I’m gonna get with your tool is a real clean DSDT or if it was modified by my mackintosh install.


  4. Martin Thomas says:

    I am using a GA-Z97X-UD5H, 8Gb Ram, onboard graphics & ethernet, Clover boot loader. When I double click DSDTExtract.command, Terminal pops up for a split second then closes. It does not produce a DSDT file. What do I need to do to produce the file? Any help appreciated. I am desperately tryng to get sleep to work.

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