Use IOreg

Guide moved to the new site:

15 Responses to Use IOreg

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  2. Victoria Picasso says:

    Where I can send you the file? Thanks

  3. vicky says:

    We are! We are trying to get Macintosh to the real world and real people!!! 🙂 Thanks, I will trying to learn how to patch my own DSDT. Your site it’s huch!

  4. Daniel Craven says:

    Hey man – many thanks for your very useful guides. I have a pretty sweet old Dell Optiplex 745 running OS X 10.8.5 running well and was hoping to tackle some DSDT edits using your tutorials.

    Many thanks again


  5. rampagedev says:

    What is this in regards to?

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  7. Joshua Klubi says:

    How do i send the ioreg file

  8. mipc2049 says:

    i have a r7 250 xfx 1gb ddr5 and detect 7xxx the system is ok but the performance is very slow and shadows etc please help me iwas try with dsdt editor but when compile 80 errors and im stay in the same thanks i have mavericks 10,9,5 niresh kext and controller 7000 kext

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