AMD/ATI Graphic Card Injection

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140 Responses to AMD/ATI Graphic Card Injection

  1. JamesF says:

    WIll my ATI HD2400 work with 10.9.5?

  2. mipc2049 says:

    i have a ati r7 250 xfx 1gb ddr5 when complire error dsdt can you help me

  3. tahirisik says:

    i have ati 6370m can i use pls help me

  4. tahirisik says:

    i didn t 😦 i tried but i did not just look ati card not online

  5. Steve pennell says:

    I have been failing at trying to get Diamond 7750 1GB DSDT edits to work in DSDT with Yosemite 10.10 and Clover bootloader. Cannot get HDMI audio to be detected. I have had some success with video but best case graphics were distorted. As far as I know framebuffer is Chutoro . Please advise.

  6. Hello , is that it works for ati 4670 512m ? thank you

  7. Parry says:

    I’ve ari r7 240 ddr3 4gb Will it work? I’m working on it from 2 monthes but stil not Find solition

  8. xeocacad says:

    doesn’t work on my radeon 5870

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