Haswell DMG

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17 Responses to Haswell DMG

  1. Arend says:

    Is there also a DMG coming for MSI h87 G41 PC Mate?

  2. Yep says:

    Are you thinking about releasing DMGs for mITX motherboards?

  3. When is a the update coming?

  4. Bacchanalia says:

    That’s really exciting! I’ve got a GA-B85N-Phoenix-WiFi that I’d love to get a DSDT for. Have had tons of difficulty installing with Clover. Can I send you some files? I’ve got a clean System.DSDT and an IOJones file to contribute.

  5. Trying to install on a file server with Pentium G3220 and Asus B85M-E without success.

    Is that Pentium compatible? Thanks

  6. Daniar Dana says:

    I will built my next Hackintosh …
    MB : Asus z97 Pro wifi ac LGA1150
    Cpu : Intel i7 4790k 4.4GHz
    Gpu : Nvidia gigabyte windforce 780 – Intel HD 4600
    Ram : Kingston HyperX Fury 16 GB 1866MHz
    SSD : Samsung mSata Evo
    PSU : Corsair CX 750M

    Can I Boot It ?
    If i built it , can Audio Card In & Out Work?
    And which Mac OS X is better (iAtkos or Niresh or Mac OS with Bootloader ) ???

  7. daniardana says:

    Thanks that was really really Helpful

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