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  1. rampagedev says:

    Yes. Email me a DSDT extract and ioreg with the bios version listed.

  2. CruseRocks says:

    RAMPAGEDEV i am looking for Gigabyte M3 G1 Sniper MOBO DSDT. Should i email you extract DSDT and ioreg? I would be really great if you could custom my DSDT. Thanks in advance.

  3. saurav says:

    hi man can i get dsdt for motherboard GA-B85-HD3

  4. Sean says:

    Are these for F6 BIOS? How do I use this/put this in my bootable drive with Mavericks and Multibeast? Do I just put it in the drive then drag it onto the desktop of the hackintosh after the installation process?

  5. OS-Killer says:

    Brother i have GA-Z87 OC Motherboard i want dsdt for it i am gonna use nVidia 650ti 2GB and i want 4 display out so that would be gr8 if you patch my dsdt 😛 🙂

  6. deepak says:

    I hope this works for my z87 hd3 with i5 4760K

  7. janot says:

    hey Rampagedev, first thanks for all of your work … it’s amazing 😀

    Could you do this kind of stuff for every single motherboard or is there a Chipset/ socket limitation???

  8. janot says:

    Damit.. do you know other ways to install OSX on such a computer??

  9. janot says:

    i don’t mind… :D. I shall have a bit of free time in the summer vacations. I count on building some kind of a wooden modern style case for my computer… just for fun :p

    Anyway thanks a lot

  10. Raphael says:

    Hi rampagedev,
    I am totally new to hackintosh, I plan to build a new PC, I have already 2 Sapphire HD7950, would it work with it ? which Haswell motherboard that has onboard thunderbolt and 3 or 4 PCIe 3.0 would you suggest ?
    Many thanks for your work, it is great !

  11. Hugo Vedal says:

    is it possible to use the intel HD4400 or 4600 with the HD3 MoBo?

  12. Joe says:

    I’ll be getting this in a few days, GA-Z97X-UD7 TH, do you want a clean unmodified DSDT and IOREG.. I think thei board will be popular based on the price and what it supports,,

    • rampagedev says:

      Yes with BIOS version. It will never be a popular board. Usually the UD7 is discontinued right after release.Thats the short history of the UD7 boards are they are over priced and in the real world are not great boards…

      • Joe says:

        FYI, My board is going to ship today and I’ll send you the info once I get OSX installed (I’ll use Clover to Pull the DSDT and assoicated files) .. Hopefully the shipped bios will support the i7-4790 processor – Just picked up one at a very good price. Gigabyte lowered the retail pricing on all their x97 boards.. Other than the “cheapies”, all the boards are priced very similiar (including the ud7-th).. The most expensive boards are the gaming boards… They are also releasing two “Black Editions” of their Ultra Durable line.. These will have had a week of burn in testing each..

  13. Joe says:

    they are selling at 219just slightly more than the Ud5h

  14. Álmos says:

    I have GA-Z87-D3HP. Please send me the .dmg.

  15. Hugo Vedal says:

    Hey, this is probably the wrong place to post this but u havent made a Haswell Refresh page yet:)
    But can I use a Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 on a hackintosh? And can u make the DMG for me? 😀 Thank you very much

  16. crushers1982 says:

    why do not you ever tested Ivy Bridge?

  17. Mike Jeter says:

    How do I get firmware for GA-Z87X-UD5 TH? I purchased this one two weeks ago.

  18. When are you releasing the latest dsdt for motherboards

  19. Chris says:

    Hi, I don’t mean to be thick but am I right in saying there isn’t anything listed above, correct?

    Do you still need people to send you Z97 motherboard files? I plan to make a 4790k Gigabyte Z97 hackintosh for my dad, but it’s going to be a bit of an experiment. I love a bit of tinkering, but would you recommend a hackintosh as a daily driver or are there likely to be too many complications?

    Love what you’re doing for the community, you’ll definitely get my donation!

  20. Joshua M says:

    so patiently waiting for the h87-d3h ssdt. thanks for doing this for all of us.

  21. joshfindit says:

    Does the SSDT enable HDMI audio through the onboard graphics?

  22. tsig says:

    Thanks for the work on the H97 series. I’ve done a few machines but now want to explore the Gigabyte Thin mini ITX (H87TN, H97TN, etc) line. The H87TN is widely available (and widely panned since it doesn’t have the “robust” BIOS and UEFI of the non-thin series). The H97TN is just emerging into the market, so I don’t know much about what it contains in terms of BIOS and UEFI. Since your guides are very clear, my question is whether you would be more likely to do an SSDT in the Haswell DMG for the 97TN or the more readily available 87TN?

  23. Vishal says:

    Can you kindly assist with DSDT for b85m-d3h mother board paired with 8GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro FX1800. The processor in use is Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz LGA 1150.

  24. Does this also cover the new Z97 chipset? Or only Z87?

  25. Hi, many thanks for this site and all the hard work you put into it, it’s the best resource.

    Quick question as I followed your guide for the install. Used clover for the bootloader.

    Running Disk Utility on my startup SSD I’m getting an error that “The Partition map needs to be repaired because there’s a problem with the EFI system partition’s file system”.

    Is it safe to repair the disk or will that wipe my EFI drive so it won’t boot up?

    Thanks again.

  26. Geoff says:

    I have a GA-H87M-D3H BIOSvF9 w/ Nvidea GTX-650 but your SSDT doesn’t seem to identify the USB ports correctly or ALC892 audio (had to use VoodooHDA to get it working).

    Here is my IOREG dump and the DSDT generated by your command script:

    Hope you can help with the USB problem (not too concerned about the audio) 🙂


    • rampagedev says:

      Well considering you failed to use only the files on the DMG I can’t debug or help you until you wipe the system and install only the files on the DMG.

      • Geoff says:

        I did use only the files from the DMG during initial install, but when the ALC892 audio failed to get recognized I had to add VoodooHDA. All other files from /Files, except NullCPUPowerManagement, are in S/L/E.

        I can remove VoodooHDA and AppleHDADisabler kexts, and move back the original AppleHDA file that I backed up, and rebuild – would that be sufficient? Or does it have to be a clean install?

      • rampagedev says:

        Post a IOreg after doing so and we will see…

      • Geoff says:

        Here is the new IOREG, using your latest HaswellDMG:

        I did not try to setup the toledo audio, as there doesn’t seem to be any support for AppleHDA.kext v2.6.3 (only 2.6.2 according to the readme.txt) which came with Mavericks 10.9.4 – so until I find the older driver…

        Note the USB keyboard is reported as attached to a USB3 port, but it is attached to one of the two USB2 ports on the H87M rear panel.

      • Geoff says:

        Here is my IOREG after using toleda’s audio_ALCinjection method 6a (verified correct HDEF layout after reboot) and his latest audio_RealtekALC script v2 (HDMI audio disabled), the script runs without any errors and shows audio devices in prefs, but wrong ones.

        The listed output audio devices in prefs, are:
        Internal Speakers

        But none work (I will try rebooting a few times, to see if maybe it will kick in at some point 🙂 ).

    • Geoff says:

      All working IOREG –

      Audio works without any ‘hiccups’ using Black line-out on MB.
      My Magic Mouse is also functioning PERFECTLY with the new CSR 4.0 Bluetooth dongle 🙂

  27. brockbackups says:

    Why does the sata info in System Profile show up as Intel 8 Series if I am using the Z97X-SLI SSDT from your DMG

  28. Geoff says:

    Your latest DMG saved me quite a bit of time, funds sent for a couple of beers/whatever 🙂


  29. gaggia says:

    Hello rampagedev!
    First off i would like to thank u for sharing you’re work and knowledge with all of us. Thanks to your SSDT i successfully installed Mavericks – more or less .. After hours and hours of trying, i finally find a way to install and boot to sys – i followed ure guide and find out that ssdt in Extra on installation flash let me start installation and boot sys. Without it, its impossible. I use my hack and chameleon way with this hw:

    gigabyte Z97x-UD3H-BK
    i5 4590
    msi gtx 560ti

    So, i suppouse that gpu make some problems – i can boot only with GE=Yes and have occasionaly problems with screen flickering and strange change of colors – 1920×1080 res. Had few times freezing, so i must restart manually. I know monitor and cables are ok, cause i few days ago had other config – older mobo with same card, also hackintoshed.. I believe that fixed DSDT is key for max running of sys, but i only know to fix errors and add patch for gpu. May i ask u to look at files i made – ioreg and dsdt (clean and made from live ubuntu) and help me to make this thing to work stable?

    Best regards,

    • rampagedev says:

      I will assume you don’t not understand nor know what a SSDT is and does. SSDT patches the DSDT so forget about the DSDT as this has absolutely nothing to do with your issue. You have Fermi Freeze with that GPU and thats it. Has nothing to do with the install method or any of my files. There is a kext that you will have to look up and install to correct the issue with your 560 Ti.

  30. gaggia says:

    Aha, ok thanks! Its fits to all errors i experienced about trying without SSDT.. ill try freeze fix.

  31. Bilal says:

    Hi, Nice work . I have installed yosmite on my hackintosh and everything seems to be fine. Except for graphic issue. I always have to boot with nv_disable=1 boot flag without it I can’t boot. And in Yosemite system profiler (when booted with this boot flag) against graphics i see “Intel HD Graphics (null)” . Please help me. Without graphics it is very slow and laggy.
    My specs are :
    Core i3 4130
    GTX 750ti 2G
    Gigabyte B85m-D3h
    8GB Corsair vengeance

  32. aaron says:

    is there a dsdt for a gigabyte z87x d3h?

  33. Vishal says:

    Bilal, can you please post your DSDT for Gigabyte B85m-D3h?

  34. pic*ist says:

    I just read your read me file in your download and noted that you now use SSDTs. Would this injection technique allow your existing GA-Z87-OC SSDT to work with the DSDT from the beta (9c) Gigabyte BIOS that was released to better support the Haswell Refresh?

    I was also wondering how this would interact with the existing power management SSDT I generated with If i place them both in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched with slightly different file names will Clover inject everything correctly?

    Thanks for the amazing work!

  35. Efe says:

    Hi Rampage! you are a hero!

    i installed yosemite with unibeast. Then i installed multibeast. After that i installed Clover with your install guide. Everything works. even thunderbolt, where my soundcard (uad apollo) is attached.

    Is that a problem that i first installed Multibeast? can i work with this system or do i need to reinstall with just clover?

    yes, i am an Hackintosh Rookie 🙂


  36. pepetuelo says:

    Is there a way with ssdt that my hackintosh can read all the cup cores and threats correctly. I use the one in haswell dmg but it only reads 2 cores and 4 threats. Is an i7 4790k on a msi z97 gaming 5,

    Thanks for the hard work😁

  37. pepetuelo says:

    Well I did. I cannot boot up to the install unless I use that flag. I followed 10.10 installation guide from your site. 😊

    If you have a specific link that I can check to reinstall and prepare the sub the. I will appreciated.

  38. Arkadiy says:

    I am having trouble with ga-z87x-ud5th on 10.10 with latest (beta) firmware.
    Here is the link to ioreg file:

    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

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