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  1. Chris says:

    Could you help on the Asus-z87-expert board? I’ve got the un-edited dsdt & IOreg.

  2. sushant says:

    I read your articles. They are quite a resource to use. I am looking to prepare a hackintosh laptop. I have been reading on many different websites including tonymacx86 and insanelymac. Most of the laptops come with switchable graphics these days. By your method of DSDT editing, can it be assumed safely that any laptop with NVidia graphics cards can be made into a hackintosh? I checked that Apple uses NVidia 750m. But there are other good graphics cards as well. So, does your method of guaranteed DSDT preparation applies to such laptop too? I have Dell Precision M6600 with 2920XM + Quadro 4000m. What do you think of this laptop?
    Many thanks.

  3. seblank says:

    how about asus sabertooth Z77? graphic used nvidia geforce GTX670..

  4. how about thunderbolt 2 in Z87-DELUXE/QUAD?

  5. Utkarsh Anand says:

    Hi Just Wondering, will there be any support for the Asus ROG Formula Vi with a EVGA Nvidia GTX 750 Ti FTW and Intel i5 4670K

  6. Green Square Panda says:

    Hi what about a asus VI Gene haswell bios 0804.

  7. David says:

    I’m quite new to hackintosh, my previous sytem was a Mac and I’d love to make my pc a Macintosh again. My specs are: Intel Core i7 4770k ; Asus Z87-Pro ; Asus GTX770 (not refference design) ; Corsair H55 ; 8GB Crucial Ballistix ; Corsair RM750. Is it compatible for Hackintosh? If so how can i get the Asus Z87-Pro dmg?

  8. hxtk says:

    Can you make a dsdt for z87-a?

  9. Felix Soest says:

    I have a Z87-Deluxe, what do you need to make the dmg?

  10. Daniel says:

    Hi I have an asus z87 i delux mitx board, reference 780, and a 4670k. Will these parts work in a hackintosh? If so should I just download the Haswell DMG?

  11. buggyfreak says:

    Hey If i have the Sabertooth Z87 what do i need as DMG?

  12. JDZockt says:

    Support for Asus Maximus VI Hero?

  13. Bill Miao says:

    Hi, can you make a DMG for asus m6h mobo?

  14. Rich says:

    Im new to hackintosh building but i cant find the dmg for rampage vi formula, is it anywhere?

  15. Krapull says:

    Thanks for your work !
    I’m looking for a mATX mobo with z97 that has thunderbolt and hackintosh compatibility…
    I only have found Gryphon z97 + Asus thunderbolt as a mATX and thunderbolt mobo.
    But I don’t know at all if it is compatible with hackintosh, if it would be once… What would you advise me to buy ?
    (I need a mATX because my case is not compatible with larger mobos…)

  16. aaronsheah says:

    Any support for Asus Z87I-Pro and GTX 770?

  17. Henrik Døsvik says:

    any support for asus z87m-plus motherbord? with asus 770 gtx? Whick file should i download?

  18. Justin says:

    Where can I get the z87-a dsdt file?

  19. Hi the support folder for Asus Z97-A in the DMG is empty. Do you offer any support for this MOBO? I am also having a lot of trouble getting the ALC 1150 working at all.

    • rampagedev says:

      This weekend if all goes well. Its a lot of work to add all of the boards. Doing what I can when I can.

      • Steven Pike says:

        Ah, okay. Thought maybe my download was corrupt when I saw Z97 empty. Thanks for all your work Rampagedev. I can not say enough how much it’s appreciated that you do this.

  20. Imothep says:

    Hi Rampage,
    Any chance to have the Asus Z97 Deluxe motherboard supported?

    Actually, here’s my config –
    Asus Z97-Deluxe
    Intel Core i7 4770K
    16 GB RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
    Asus GTX760
    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB

    Do you think I can build a hackintosh from this?

    • Imothep says:

      Hi Rampage,
      Sorry, didn’t read the last comment, thank you in advance for your support on Z97.
      Can I please have your confirmation that my config will be OK. I actually bought my parts yesterday, while reading through your website and other related forums.


      • Imothep says:

        Hey Rampage,
        I’ve been struggling last weekend to get the MacOSX install to lauch on my new machine…
        I was lucky my brother (and his macbook) was at home and after 2 hours found a way to create a bootable Clover Mavericks install (from ML on my brother’s macbook).
        Clover boots well, but I get a kernel panic right after I chose to boot the MacOSX install what ever bootflag/arg I put using Clover options….
        I tried booting on the USB from the macbook, and I got the same kernel panic error so I assumed my stick was not properly made.
        As my brother refused to upgrade to Mavericks I created another bootable USB stick Maverics install from Windows using the OpenSuse tool, but I get the same message.

        Am I doing anything wrong? Am I forgettnig anything here?

        The next for me to test is to create that USB install using your guide from a VMWare working Mavericks.

        Thanks again for your support Rampage

      • rampagedev says:

        Without specs everything you just said is meaningless… ;/

  21. Imothep says:

    What do you mean by specs ?
    You have my config just above…

    Actually, here’s my config –
    Asus Z97-Deluxe
    Intel Core i7 4770K
    16 GB RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
    Asus GTX760
    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB

  22. sms1202 says:

    When will you add support for Z97 boards ?

    • rampagedev says:

      Doing what I can but been sick…

      • sms1202 says:

        One more question
        after installing mavericks is updating to Yosemite going to be a problem ?
        You said amd’s drivers are horrid. I was thinking of getting r9 290 or something for getting the mantle api.What about keyboards and stuff apple has a slightly different keyboard layout right ?
        reply soon

      • rampagedev says:

        Don’t buy AMD. Update to new OS version take a small amount of work.

  23. HCo says:

    My message is still showing as moderated.

    Hey rampagedev,

    Will Devil’s Canyon, specifically the 4790k be supported along with an ASUS z97 WS or Maximus VII Hero?

    Also, can GPUs be added at a later date easily?

    Thanks in advance.

  24. rampagedev says:

    Read the install guide and apply what it says to do.

  25. Karina Neko says:

    Hi RampageDev, I sent you an email but I’m contacting you here because maybe it went to junk mail haha. I can send you Maximus VI Gene’s IOreg and DSDT from BIOS 1505 if you want.

  26. Nik says:

    Hello, any chance of getting Asus H87I-PLUS files.

    Thanks for all your contributions 🙂

  27. fatez says:

    Hi rampage,

    have u added the asus z97i Plus into dmg?


  28. Daniar Dana says:

    GPU Evga TITAN Z
    Corsair Dominator Ram
    Samsung SSD 840
    Intel i7 4960K Extreme Edition

    All This Stuff Can Boot Mac os X Gather ?

  29. Alan Quiroz says:

    Do I need a DMG for the Asus z97-a (also GPU is gtx 750 ti) or can I just download The Asus haswell DMG

  30. Rama says:

    I can not boot from the flash drive that contains myhack.It says “boot0:error”.What is the problem…please help!

  31. turtle says:

    I emailed you about this a little while ago, but I’m guessing it got caught in your spam folder or something, but I have an Asus Maximus VII formula, how do I get a SSDT for it?

  32. My current Asus z97-Pro (Wi-Fi ac) build is hacked using Unibeast and Chimera, but I want to create a ssdt to hopefully fix some bugs that I’m experiencing with audio ect. To use your Haswell DMG, would I need to uninstall chimera to make the switch over to chameleon? Ultimately I don’t want to completely rehack my system.
    Then do I post an IOreg? Thanks

    ASUS Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac)
    Intel Core i7-4790K
    EVGA GeForce GTX 760
    Crucial Ballistix Sport 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3 1600
    Samsung 850 Pro Series 256GB SSD
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB
    Corsair Hydro Series H60
    Corsair CX600M 600W
    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Mid Tower Computer Case

  33. RaphaelBEN says:

    Hi Rampagedev,
    I have a set up with gryphon z87 c2+ Intel core i7-4790K + Asus GTX 770 2Gb + fusion drive (512GB SSD + 4TB HD)
    I succeeded to install OSX 10.9.4 with Clover
    But I still have few problems :
    The most important is I can’t get my Realtek AC892 working
    I also can’t get my imessage working (I though it should work with clover…)
    And I don’t know if I can use your SSDT.AML because my board is not Asus gryphon z87 C1 but asus gryphon z87 C2…

    I don’t know if I can post my config.plist here, I can provide you a link where I posted it in a topic, but no success…
    Thanks a lot !

  34. RaphaelBEN says:

    Ok, thanks for your help 🙂 I’ll follow the dmg then

  35. Why I had my question about Pentium deleted?

  36. Hakim Malkawi says:

    Hey there… I have an Asus Gryphon Z87 Motherboard, is it compatible? And if so I would greatly appreciate it if I could get any directions as to where I can get the DMG to it! Thanks! 🙂

  37. MusiCMan says:

    I have installed a fresh copy of Yosemite successfully on my new system:

    Asus Z97 Pro (Wi-fi AC)
    Intel Core i7 4790k
    16GB DDR3 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance LP Ram
    256GB M.2 Crucial M550 256GB

    I used the SSDT.aml from the DMG (Nvidia folder) and a slightly altered version of the config.plist found on the DMG.

    I installed AppleIntel1000e.kext (ethernet), bcm4352.kext v3.1.0 (wi-fi) and BTFirmwareUploader v2.6 (bluetooth). I have also run the patch command to update the wifi to 5GHz.

    Ethernet is flying. Wifi is working but is slow and sometimes drops out (although I have read about Yosemite causing this on standard Macs).
    Bluetooth is recognised – but when I try to scan for my apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse – it can’t find them.

    Is there something I need to do to get Wi-fi / Bluetooth working properly on Yosemite?

  38. Joe Shimell says:

    Can you make a Asus Sabertooth Z87 DMG please?

  39. blackoutfolo says:

    Hi, I have sabertooth z97 mark1 and igp 4600? what ssdt.aml should i use ? I don’t have nvidia or amd card.

  40. blackoutfolo says:

    ok.Tank you successful install with your ssdt.aml.Everythings work good execpt intel hd 4600 hdmi audio output and network what should i do ?

  41. Daniel Sousa says:

    Good afternoon.
    Whenever I try to install Mac OS with Clover, comes me the following error: PCI Configuration Begin

    My hardware is as follows:
    – Asus VII Hero
    – Intel i5 4690k
    – Asus GTX760
    – Gskill 8GB 2400MHz
    – XFX 850W Black Edition
    – Samsung 120gb 840 Evo
    – Western Digital 1TB

  42. Karina Neko says:

    Hi RampageDev!
    I’m trying to upgrade to Yosemite without success. 😦
    My installation with Mavericks is working fine.
    I install Yosemite to another partition, add the boot flag “kext-dev-mode=1” to Clover, and copy the kexts from the folder 10.9 to a new folder named 10.10.
    The system reboots instantly before showing the desktop. If I boot to 10.9 from the same Clover install, the desktop shows up without a problem.
    Did you have any idea?
    Specs: Asus Z87 Maximus 6 Gene, Geforce GTX 660 Ti.

    • rampagedev says:

      I do not support some Disk systems.

      This is not the proper way to upgrade using Clover.

      • Karina Neko says:

        Hi Rampage!
        What do you mean by disk systems? I already tried it on a HDD and a SSD.
        Also, what’s supposed to be the proper upgrade method to using Clover? on one disk I installed 10.10 on top of 10.9, on the other physical disk I installed 10.10 to another partition so it doesn’t interfere with the previous OS X version. Both are having the same problem.

      • rampagedev says:

        Same Disk* To properly update would be to simply run the App from the app store after creating the 10.10 folder with Fake SMC in the Clover EFI folder.

      • Karina Neko says:

        One of my install methods was that, I opened the “Install OS X” from the local disk and followed the on screen instructions. The computer reboots, installs OS X 10.10 (to the same partition) and it reboots after it completes the install. FakeSMC.kext is inside 10.10 folder. The successive boot are made from the partition where Yosemite is installed. It’s strange.

    • Karina Neko says:

      The problem seems to have to do when my card is being connected simultaneously to a monitor via DVI and a TV via HDMI, which worked fine on Mavericks. I’m using your SSDT.aml in both OSes.
      If I disconnect the HDMI cable I don’t experience the reboot.
      Any advice?

      You said in another “topic” that you were working on updating you files for Haswell based boards for Yosemite, any news about it?


  43. bookooone says:

    Hi there
    I’ve managed to run Yosemite on Asus Z97. It’s a bit unstable atm. A question about DSDT. Is this still necessary or is this recognised by Clover itself, and will be corrected with SSDT? This topic is still confusing me. I have downloaded your SSDT for Haswell and use this.
    BTW great work rampagedev! Hands up!

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