Editing AGPM.kext (Legacy)

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  1. fabio says:

    Hello this guide should be good enough for Zotac GTX 470 GPU

  2. Hi Andrew , for kepler 660 nvidia…it is a good ?

  3. hi rampagedev, do you know if the native nvidia driver in 10.9 DP1/DP2 also have native pm?? because in 10.8.4 with the same kexts/smbios (Mac Pro 3,1 on a LGA775 MB) configuration i have gtx660ti p-states working, but none in 10.9…

  4. vaiology79 says:

    I have a GTX 670 Do you mean from 10.8.3 onwards we have native pm so there is no need to edit the AGPM.kext? What if I already input the device id of my Graphics card in the kext, I’ll leave the high and low thresholds as is? Thanks.

    • rampagedev says:

      Correct. Just remove your ID from the kext.

      • rileyfreeman says:

        With my 670, native PM has been broken since 10.8.3. The card boots at 324MHz, then under load goes up to 1.18GHz but only drops back to 1GHz afterwards. It never goes lower.

        I use a MacPro5,1 SMBIOS but trying MacPro3,1 and iMac12,1 had the same effect. No throttling down.

      • rampagedev says:

        Sounds like a temp issue.

      • rileyfreeman says:

        I only noticed the increased temps with the 10.8.3 update so i installed a fresh 10.8 to test and the =n updated that to 10.8.2. In both cases my card didn’t even clock up from 324MHz. So that’s why it ran cooler before…

        I then updated that install to 10.8.4 and noticed at one point the card went up to over 800MHz and then dropped back to 324. Looked promising, but when I ran the OpenCL Oceanwave benchmark it clocked up to the usual 1.18 and then got stuck at 1GHz on the way back down. Temps at 1GHz are around 40. Not too bad but I’d be happier if the card clocked all the way back down properly. Behaviour is the same in 10.9.

      • rampagedev says:

        Not sure. Could be a bug in the new Nvidia PM.


      • rileyfreeman says:

        I think it is. I’ve had a closer look at things. Using OpenCL benchmarks isn’t a good test as it pushes the card to 1.18GHz straight away. I tried the OpenGL Extensions Viewer test a couple of times. The first time it pushed the card to something like 862MHz. The second time it got to 1GHz. However in both cases the card clocked back down to 324 soon afterwards. So it’s either something to do with OpenCL or the card running at over 1GHz.

        In the case of 10.9 the card is already running at 1GHz when booted to desktop and stays there. But then the graphics are a bit messed up in Mavericks still.

      • rileyfreeman says:

        Yep, it seems to be OpenCL at fault. I tested with Cuda-Z which also pushed the card all the way to 1.18GHz and it clocked right back down to 324MHz afterwards. After Oceanwave and Luxmark tests the card stays at 1GHz.

        It also sits at 1GHz in 10.9 right from the desktop so I’m guessing there’s some more OpenCL at work in Mavericks.

  5. themacmeister says:

    Hi Andrew, I need some help with a 1GB GTX 650 (factory overclocked) which I put in my MacPro 4,1 (early 2009). It is running OS X 10.8.5 (with Supplemental Update). Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  6. themacmeister says:

    Thanks rampagedev… wasn’t sure due to some rattling under load (thought it was the graphics card – could have been anything).

  7. Jose Luis says:

    There is a solution for Ati cards like, XFX HD 5770?

  8. Jose Luis says:

    Looks like it is working now; [AGPM Controller] build GPUDict by Vendor1002Device68b8

    I have some concerns with this card; random freeze about couple of hours later, no sleep, poor performance, etc. Graphics Tests (Score: 276)

    I think a have a solid machine but won’t get a got graphic handling.

    My cards it is perfectly injected via DSDT as you explained in the guide.

    Maybe need to move to other card.

    Thanks a lot friend for the learning course.

  9. Hugues says:

    I have a Zotac GTX470 and running 10.8.5 and the native pm is working but not well at all. Eventually my card for some reason starts getting hot, uses about 70W more than at idle and is making some noise. I have edited AGPM.kext pretty much following your instructions and similar others, and now my card runs much cooler, uses less power and is more silent. I have set the kext to log changes and I do see them happening in Console.app.

    So while there is some native pm working it is not good enough, and this guide is still relevant.

  10. JP says:


    What do you mean by Native PM? I dont have a native PM control. Where can I find that?
    I am running 10.9 with a RE board and a MSI 680.

    Do you know how I cna get my clocks down when the mac idles? My card is constantly pushing 1.2GHZ in 2d mode and desktop.

    Any ideas? WOuld appreciate a reply 🙂

  11. Macuser says:

    I would appreciate this too. Been trying to figure it out since June. I’ve stayed on 10.8 for fear of damaging my card.

  12. JP says:

    Is there a way you can send me the fix via email so long?


  13. jas says:

    Tried this on my ATi 5850 but had no effect, the fan is still sitting around 25%, wish i could force it to 20% for silence like in Windows.

  14. vusun says:

    Hey do you know how to add power management for the GTX 765M in Mavericks ?

  15. Hi RampageDEV, how can I get Power Management for GTX 670m in mavericks 10.9.3?

  16. julien says:

    is there any pre edited kext for a 560 gtx and 660 gtx
    and whats the new method you mentioned just above (sorry if you already described it in this article, i dont see any reference about maverick

  17. julien says:

    ID’s ??? vendor id of the gpu?

  18. Julien says:

    Sorry 😥

  19. julien says:

    even with maverick?
    thanks for all you’ve done

  20. flmmkr says:

    Ok reading this, for a Yosemite install with Clover, should I manually set SMBIOS to MacPro5,1, or is Clover default using your config.plist (goes to iMac on my system) or MacPro3,1 (what you suggested before to get both monitors to work every time) ok to use? Also, should I install the Nvidia web drivers or stick with OS X Yosemite built-in drivers?

  21. agris caurs says:

    Hi, i have a GTX 660 ti and I have a performance issue. Right after the restart when I GPU render in Blender 3d software I get two times faster render than after about 10 minutes of using computer. I think the GPU goes in lower power state and don’t come back until I restart. It’s said that 6xx series have native PM and no need to edit anything. HW monitor tells GPU core = 1.22 ghz, GPU memory = 6.01 ghz in both situations. Is there anything i can do? System definition – mac pro 3.1, gigabyte z77 ds3h, 660 ti

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