Create A Virtual Audio Device

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  2. mandro71 says:

    Question: can be used, a possible explanation in more detail. thanks

  3. ACS79 says:

    Helo Rampagedev, the virtual audio of my GA-X79-UP5 don’t work. The icon is showed in menu, but inchanged. I use npci=0x3000 in my DSDT, how remove npci. I verified that with npci=0x3000 the audio AppleHAD don’t work. You can help me.

  4. Lisi says:

    Hi rampage!

    How to remove Virtual Audio Device? I bought a nice soundcard but I can’t run a mixer. I’m looking for reasons – maybe is connected with it somehow. This device apears when I installed a Mavericks from Your guide (via myHack).

    Best regards

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  6. marsupilami says:

    Pro Tools HD seems to be trying to use it and doesn’t let me pick another driver , i basically get an assertion error , weird things being that it worked fine during the first two weeks

    thank you for the quick reply : you’re the Man !

  7. oculto says:

    it won’t works on Yosemite. i use the same SSDT from Mavericks (with works) on Yosemite, but it won’t show the virtual audio device on sound panel.

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