Cosmetic CPU Speed Detection Fix


This guide will walk you through step by step on how to fix CPU Speed Detection under About This Mac

1. Open your SMBIOS.plist found in your Extra folder at the root of the drive

2. On the last line add the following:


3. Change 4200 to match what your current overclock

4200=4.2 GHz
4500=4.5 GHz
5000=5.0 GHz
5500=5.5 GHz

4. Restart your computer then go to About This Mac and you should see the value that you had entered


5 Responses to Cosmetic CPU Speed Detection Fix

  1. rampagedev says:

    Read the support page as it is clear you did not read it….

  2. Jack says:

    Hi can you point me to the page I didnt read. Thanks

  3. rampagedev says:

    See the support page for your manufacturer…

  4. rampagedev says:

    You need a SMBIOS so make one…

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