SR-2 Production System


Exclusive EVGA SR-2 Premium Technical Support. With my assistance you will be able to have fully functional EVGA SR-2 under Mac OS X for Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion. Thus giving  you the most powerful Production and Rendering machine running Mac OS X today.

You can experience the ultimate in overclocked multithreaded performance by way of Dual 1366 sockets which allow for hyper-threaded Intel Xeon CPU’s to be combined together for massive amounts of workload to be spread across a multitude of processing threads all while under Mac OS X. When combined with compatible Intel 6 Core CPU’s, you create a massive system capable of up to 24 CPU threads of computing power. The SR-2 easily surpasses any system that you can purchase directly from Apple.

Please contact me about pricing for my assistance and if you have any questions about the system. You can contact me at or Skype at RampageDev.


13 Responses to SR-2 Production System

  1. PunkNugget says:

    This is fantastic and exactly what needed to happen along time ago. I can tell you right now from personal experience, I had spent a lot of time (MANY, MANY wasted man hours) on my EVGA SR-2 set up and had I found RampageDev from the beginning, I would’ve save myself 18 months of headaches (as well as the headaches that I caused others who tried to help me on other Hackintosh type online forums). He not only helped me get a custom made DSDT file for my system to run properly, he also cleaned up and streamed lined my Extra folder to where now I only have three files, and all the rest of those files were either trashed (not needed) or were put away nicely in my S/L/E folder. For those of you who DIDN’T understand what I just said, that’s fine, because that’s where Rampage comes in to take care of that FOR YOU. Again, that’s something that you don’t have to LEARN; not unless you want to. For that, he also provides tutorials on this very site. But again, you DON’T HAVE TO KNOW THIS! All you want is a rendering powerhouse of a machine to JUST WORK and work at it’s BEST. Again, this is where RAMPAGE comes in and will usually take only 30 to 90 min. of your time done.

    Now on the build (PC Parts) side of things, this is where I can be of help. I say this because I have the 2nd fastest Dual CPU Mac OS X system ever recorded (according to GeekBench as of 03/2013). That came from a lot of help from others who gave me the input to get there as I couldn’t have done that on my own. But I will save you all the headaches of what to purchase and what NOT to purchase for your EVGA SR-2 system setup. If you’re interested you can also contact me at: To learn more about the setup that I have please go here:

    As of late, I have updated my system dramatically for my rendering needs, so again, please contact me so I can tell you what I have made current on my system setup and if that is what you want (depending on your budget). Then AFTER you’re done building your beast of a machine, THEN go to Rampage for all your Mac OS X installation needs – he is truly THE MAN!!! Please believe me when I tell you this! Sure others had helped me, and they totally have their place as well, as I gave them enough accolades my posted link; Rampage just takes it further and does it FOR YOU.

    Lastly, DON’T WASTE your money purchasing the “new” EVGA SR-X mobo. The CPUs that have been released for that mobo are NOT unlocked, which means limited overclocking abilities. EVGA has since discontinued the production of the SR-X. So even after 3 years (since it’s release), the EVGA SR-2 is still (as of 03/2013) the ONLY Dual CPU overclocking KING on the market. Hope this info helps and look forward to any questions that any of you reading this may have. Later… 🙂

  2. braindeadmac says:

    Great to work with RampageDev. Thanks!

  3. dongiorgio says:

    This is a Must for all user’s of the SR-2 board join the PTS and donate to RampageDev.
    I saw Punknugget system a few months back and said I wanted one as well..
    I had a 8core macpro I found it to be too slow for my video work.I read the forums and did my own cpu upgrade to 12core macpro it improved the system but still was slow…remember with a macpro your limited to what you can do…sata speed is slow,graphic card limited as well no internal space for extra drives if you require 8-10 drives like I do.
    My sr2 is running but still not right having problems with certain software issue on installing.
    I get GeekB scores of around 28000 CineB between 17-18 for cpu..
    I like to thank Punknugget and Braindeadmac for their forum post on the sr2 and directing me to RampageDev.

  4. Thinkcat says:

    Hello. Just to clarify. I am now running an one socket Ivy Bridge Xeon with ML, 4 cores, 8 threads. I have no ECC as far as I know, and no way to get sleep working. I have speedstep, though. I wish I could build a fast Mac Pro clone with functioning ECC and power saving. Is this the way to go, even if I started with two 4-core Xeons and one video card, or does this system give up something to take performance to the maximum?

  5. rampagedev says:

    Cosmetic in osx. We use plugins in fakesmc that do not always play nice with updates. Fakesmc should be updated.

  6. maksim says:

    when i try to reinstall fakesmc it failes instalation .

  7. Maksim says:

    Hi , my name is Max . You helped me build my sr2 rig with ML a while ago. I just waned to ask you , my OS started to work choppy . Scrolling Web page , dock icons magnification , swiping screens etc. Is there anything I can do or maybe donate to you so you can do it.
    It’s SR2 2x X5650
    2 gtx580
    3 screens

  8. julien says:

    if you remember , I was a customer of your technical assistance for this mono. then we install togheter maverick. i only want to know if i can update without any problem to maverick 10,9,4



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