Thank you in advance for your donation to Rampage Dev:

Special Thanks To The Following Donators:

Roberto T, Artur A,  Toph Creative LTD, Luc V, Brian P, Alvaro F, Vincent L, Sergio R, Hendrik H, Richard G, Raymond H, George J, Gil S, Andrij A and for all of the others I have missed. Thank you.


7 Responses to Donate

  1. dongiorgio says:

    This is a Must do ,support rampagedev.

  2. Markus says:

    Hope we could help and give something back!

  3. alex says:

    Hello my name is Alex and i have installed mac os x 10.6.8 on my laptop vaio vgn-ar61mr with 8400m gt 256 on board . everythig is OK but it runs without Quartz Extreem, and when i try differnet kexts the screen goes black. ( laptop doesnt have any external port for LCD monitor and i cant get NVCAP by any programm!) So could you please help me somehow to launch QE on my laptom for donation ? (

  4. Chet says:

    Anyone who has benefited from this site and from rampagedev’s help, the way I have recently, absolutely should donate. I can’t say enough good things about how much I appreciate your patience, your cool attitude, and your brilliance! VIVE LA RAMPAGEDEV!

  5. pcb355 says:

    This site is a great resource! All who have been helped by this site, take some time to ponder how much time you have saved. Isn’t that worth something? Thanks rampagedev!

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