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  2. asrock says:

    i have ASRock X79 Extreme4
    i7 3820 LGA2011
    MSI GeForce GTX 660 Twin Frozr III
    SanDisk 128GB SSD
    Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.2
    but my bios version is 2.70 can i use this DSDT???

  3. asrock says:

    so i can’t use for now ??

  4. asrock says:

    i sending you the DSDT &IOreg into your email adress

  5. mavalier says:

    Hello, I have a ASRock X79 Extreme 3.
    But i’m really new to this, can someone help me to install ML on my pc?
    I can donate with PayPal if you want to.


  6. mavalier says:

    Hello! I mailed you!

  7. My audio is still not working can u help? Just for a donation..

  8. asrock says:

    any news about asrock x79 extreme 4????

  9. Igor says:

    HI, can you help me with dsdt for asrock x79 extreme 3? Just for a donation

  10. albert Koes says:

    When is coming the xtreme3?

  11. haru says:

    When is coming the xtreme9?

  12. Resaca says:

    Hello, please send me a DSDT for Extreme4. Thanks.

  13. Igor says:

    Mannnn, thanks for the Extreame 3!!!

  14. sebkulu says:

    I must precise I’m using the Marvell Controller for installing OS X, as the Intel ICH10R Controller is used by my Windows installation in RAID Mode, so OS X can’t see it 😦
    I’ve tried some modified AHCIPort.kext to be able to see at least single drives connected to ICH10R in RAID mode, but no success so far.

    • rampagedev says:

      Considering that ICH10R is not on this board what you are telling me is not very helpful. All the kexts that are listed in the DMG if installed properly will give full functionality. Hot swapping is a BIOS issue and not a mac issue. If you have Hot swapping enabled in the BIOs then they show as external as they should.

      Overall you are not understanding the hardware you have and you need to read the user manual for the MB so you know what you have so you do not waste time thinking you have a issue when in reality its you that has the issue. Intel RAID is not supported by mac and you need to use Google to look this up as you can instantly find answers to your questions.

  15. fabio says:

    hello rampagedev ,
    I have a ASRock X79 Extreme 9, could you help me?

  16. fabio says:

    You mean from there:
    Do you think is it possible to build a system with x79 extreme 9 motherboard and GTX Titan gfx and ML 10.8.4?
    Thank you

  17. fabio says:

    Sorry rampagedev, but DSDT step is a post installation step?
    I could install from myhack usb but when I reboot I have a KP with an unsupported cpu

  18. fabio says:

    however thank you for your effort

  19. MrX says:

    When is coming the xtreme4?

  20. fabio says:

    hello rampagedev,
    i had success trying with another method and then using ethernet kext that you adviced me (10.9 kext)
    usb 3 is not working ( reset Ios if I connect a usb pen drive on usb 3 port)
    audio card is not present, Extreme 9 has a pci e soundcard (game blaster) and I have not found any info to add in my hackintosh
    again thank you

  21. fabio says:

    my problem withusb is that if i connect also an usb 2.0 pen drive on usb 3.0 port system reset itself after 2 second
    in this case i have used a different kext from 10.9 kext
    for soundcard, could you advice me a good usb soundard working out of the box?
    thank you

  22. fabio says:

    a mightydrive usb pen((4gb) and a 16gb pen drive no brand

      • Fabio says:

        Combo update to 10.8.5 is working
        After update I have had to reinstall IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.9
        Rear USB 3.0 works out of box
        Front USB 3.0 reset system
        I have some minor cosmetic problem like 3.3 Ghz Processor Unknown under about my mac.
        Old NVIDIA web drivers are not working for Nvidia Titan but integrated one are perfect
        Thank you for your help

  23. sebkulu says:

    Hi Rampage,

    Yep, I mistook Intel PCH7 with ICH10R, my mistake, sorry.

    I have several questions regarding DSDT, IB-E, and USB 3.0:

    1. I’m currently successfully using Asrock Fatal1ty BIOS 1.6 DSDT with my 2.2 BIOS, I know that upgrading BIOS could cause my OS X system to break, but still I would like to upgrade to BIOS 2.6 to get IB-E compatibility, any advice on that?

    2. Do I NEED IB-E to get CPU Power Management in 10.9, as Apple is releasing new MacPro’s using IB-E, or will SB-E be supported as well? (or SB-E PowerManagement usable at least using a patched AppleCPUPM.kext?)
    Right now, I get two states, 1.2Ghz at idle and 3.6Ghz at load, and some kinda working sleep…

    3. Regarding USB 3.0 and 10.8.4, if using USBXHCI.kext provided in the X79 .dmg file you provided for Asrock Fatal1ty, I get KP at boot, could this be related to me using 2.2 BIOS although DSDT has been made initially with 1.6 BIOS?

    Big thanks and thumb up for your awesome work, thanks to you and your great help, I was able to get my Hackintosh fully running! 🙂

  24. sangthip says:


    Have just Emailed you DSDT and files for ASRock Extreme6 X79 with 2.41 Bios

  25. fabio says:

    Hi, is it possible to use a new 2690V2 (10 core 20 Threads) at this moment?

  26. Sebastien FALONE says:

    Hi Rampage,

    Tried the DSDT inside the unified DMG for ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Pro, but no luck with my config, no boot nor with the i7 3820 or the i7 4930K.

    I’m using 2.6 BIOS.

    Do you want me to extract my current DSDT and send it to you?
    Do I have to do something beside just running the script? (removing KEXT, etc…?)

    Also, I have not been able to boot into mavericks using a generated SSDT for my former i7 3820.
    Didn’t try with i7 4930K.
    Any advice on that?

    Thanks for the insanely good work ’till now, keep it up! ^^

  27. Ali Amini says:

    Any DMG FOR Asrock x79 Extreme 9 ? I have i7-3960x and I want to have Mavericks installed on it
    I’ll do donation , please help me on this , I;ve user OSX on Mac for a long time but this is my first try on a Hackintosh machine

  28. Xuzhin says:

    1. i couldn’t launch the installer with the org.chameleon.Boot.plist on your dmg, i added graphicsenabler y and pciroot 0, the mavericks installer then worked, i got everything installed just fine. now i’m stuck on the audio. i don’t quite understand your kexts, i went to asrock x79 extreme6 v1.0 > NVIDIA and tried the on board audio. how do i know which one i am supposed to choose here?

  29. Xuzhin says:

    no sorry, i wasn’t clear, i didn’t install the files on the installer, i installed them on the installation, i only tried the boot loader on the installer, because if it doesn’t launch the installer, that would mean it also wont launch the installed osx right?

    so now, again. same question, it says on steps:

    2. Locate the appropriate folder for
    your Motherboard Manufacture
    3. Double click on the Kexts folder
    4. Install the Boot Loader and Kexts
    for your system (Tools folder locate
    under Files folder)

    how do i know which boot loader? asrock x79 extreme6 v1.0 > NVIDIA > on board audio

    does not work on my system.

  30. Xuzhin says:

    so, how do i get ioregs from my system, so i can send it to you?

  31. Email clean dsdt and ioreg Files for ASROCK Extreme6 Bios 2.45

    Can you please make a new SSDT solution for the board.

  32. allenbyington says:

    I have gotten everything running on an ASRock x79 Extreme4 except for the network using your DMG above. The system.log shows the message:
    my_name_adlan_BCM5722D: Failed to register interrupt source

    I rebuilt the cache and fixed permissions with Kext Helper but I still get the same message. Thoughts?

  33. allenbyington
    the asrock x79 extreme 4 has a broadcom bcm57781 network card
    add what is between code and Endcode below to the end of PEX3 in your DSDT recompile and restart it should fix your problem. (all it does is trick your system into thinking it has a BCM5701 card)
    It works on my x79 extreme6 which has the same network controller, No extra kexts needed in mavericks.

    Hope it Helps you to get network going.

    Device (PXSX)
    Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method
    Store (Package (0x0C)
    “AAPL, slot-name”,
    Buffer (0x09)
    { “Built In” },
    Unicode (“+”),
    Buffer (0x09)
    { “Ethernet” },
    Buffer (0x12)
    { “Broadcom 57781” },
    Buffer (0x04)
    { 0xB4, 0x16, 0x00, 0x00 },
    Buffer (0x04)
    { 0xE4, 0x14, 0x00, 0x00 }
    }, Local0)
    DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0))
    Return (Local0)


  34. akI* says:

    ASRock Extreme 11 here with not working audio:
    Followed your instructions

    4. Install the Boot Loader and Kexts for your system (Tools folder locate under Files folder) – okay
    5. Locate the appropriate folder for your Motherboard Model – okay
    6. Copy the SSDT.aml – okay
    7. Drag the Extra Folder to the Macintosh HD Shortcut – okay
    8. Authenticate using your password if necessary – okay
    9. Double click on the Macintosh HD Shortcut – okay
    10. Open the Extra Folder – okay
    11. Now paste the SSDT in the Extra Folder – okay
    12. Delete DSDT.aml if present – wasn’t present so nothing to do here
    13. Restart your Computer – did it

    Was running into trouble with LAN and Audio. I fixed LAN with patching the plugin kext in IONetwork but Audio seems to be to high for me 🙂
    There is no audio hardware found at all but it works well on linux
    Maybe someone could give me a hint.

    • rampagedev says:

      Never installed the drivers. Thanks for skipping steps.. also know your hardware and read what ALC are supported on the DMG.

      • akI* says:

        Im not sure if i understand you correct.
        Was i skipping/missing steps from your instructions?
        If so please let me know 🙂
        I only don’t posted step 1 to 3 because from my point of view they are completely clear and its just navigate to the essential folder 🙂

        The ASRock Extreme 11 has the bcm57781 for networking (which is working now) and provide audio through the Creative Sound Core3D 7.1 CH so this seems to be not supported?

        Anyway, very nice work thanks a lot, and i´ll of course donate here for further investigations

      • rampagedev says:

        No audio support. Read me talks about installing the kexts… LAN might work with a kext I will upload onto the dmg this weekend. Old solution does not work under mavericks.

  35. klondikekat says:

    Hi there,

    im on ASRock Extreme 11 here and got problems with LAN and Audio after installing. I figured out the LAN by patching the AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext in …/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ but i cant figure out why the Audio stuff is not working. Its not a big problem because im normally using an RME PCIe card but would like to know why its not loaded like it should.

    Any hints would be welcome.

    Thanks in advice

  36. akI* says:

    Could it be that they are not recognized correctly because the ASRock uses the lsisas2008 PCIe chip? Is there any driver solution i could try for the lsisas2008?

    AHCI is on in BIOS ofc, otherwise the other drives would not get recognized.

  37. Steve says:

    Did a clean install of 10.9.1 used my hack install and installed the latest Chameleon-2.2svn-r2344.pkg. and your dmg. My exfat external does not show up plugged in 2.0 or 3.0 ports. My ntsf drive shows up but the files look as if its in 16 bit color or something and when i try to open dmg files an example it says WARNING flashplayer12-0 install input/output error. Happens on all my backed up osx files. I plug the drive in my mini and everything looks and opens perfectly.

  38. Alex says:

    Is anyone else experiencing static after a few minutes of music playback on ALC898 using the appleHDA patcher referenced in the dmg? I’d rather get it working than use voodoo.

  39. Marco Adrián Benítez García says:

    I wonder if you could help me.
    I have an asrock x79 extreme 4 with an Intel i7 4820k, and a nvidia gtx 780.
    I am using niresh distro in a pendrive, and whenever I boot from it, it stucks at the apple logo, and stops reading the pendrive, the last screen i’ve seen, booting with verbose, is this:

    Maybe the 4820k is not compatible?
    I will really appreciate any help.

  40. Marco Adrián Benítez García says:

    Ok, it could be then that the gtx 780 is not compatible?
    I have read that it works out of the box.

    • Marco Adrián Benítez García says:

      Hopefully last question I make.
      I have managed to install mavericks, but now, I have the same problem I had with booting the install disc, I have tried copying the kernel, and the extensions, and it doesn’t boot, I get a black screen in verbose mode, and stops reading the hard drive.
      Thank you so much for the help you’ve been giving me.

  41. Marco says:

    Will you know when I have it installed, I can only boot from the USB install disk? booting directy from chameleon on hard drive won’t success, have copied the kernel, and used the same flags (npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No) both in the usb and the hard disk

  42. Alex says:

    I have ASRock X79 Extreme3, E-5 2620, ATI 4890, 4gb
    Problem with boot, tried -v cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=NO npci=0×2000, get timeout.
    Plz help!

  43. Alex says:

    Unsuccessfully, system uptime.

  44. Johnny says:

    As mentioned in other post I can only get my hackintosh running is I boot from the installer. I did some research and found culprit that is getting me stuck at system uptime in nanoseconds. it is most likely conflicts with the AppleIntelCPUManagement Kext. However, according to the DMG it says patch is not required for i7 4930K. Is there way you could help? or should I just install NullCPU since booting up from the installer is like having NullCPU. Correct me if I am wrong.

  45. AsRock X79 Extreme 9 Motherboard DSDT which bios version can I use DMG for

  46. I have a AsRock X79 Extreme 9 with BIOS v1.8 but I can’t disable CMS. Do you know if a newer Bios has this function


  47. henriqueoc says:

    I use 79 asrock extreme 9 + intel 3930K. My speed is constant at 3.2 Hz that makes my temperature gets too high. How can I do to speed decrease when the CPU is idle and increase when it is working hard? Thank you

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