x99 Gigabyte SSDT’s Updated


x99 Gigabyte SSDT’s have been updated. Mostly small coding changes. Please post a new IOReg after installing the updated SSDT. Thank you.

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November: Q & A Session


If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see.

Please be clear when you have a question and list the Motherboard, CPU and GPU that you are using. Without that information answering the question may be difficult.

I am in a Wedding this weekend so I will not be around very much until next week. I am working on a Major update that will be complete at the end of the Month. I am looking forward to sharing this update with all of you.


The Wedding is over and was a lot of fun. Back to working on projects.

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x99 DMG Updated For 10.10


The x99 DMG as been updated to support Mac OS X 10.10.

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x79 DMG Updated


x79 DMG has been updated to address issues under Mac OS X 10.10. Let me know if there are any issues with the updated.

The following was updated:

USB 3.0 Kext Added to the BETA folder

Clover Config File Updated

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Mac OS X 10.10 Hackintosh Install Guide Updated


The Mac OS X 10.10 Hackintosh Install Guide has been updated with more in-depth steps and clarifications for users who have not used Clover Bootloader in the past. This should help the users who had various questions about certain steps in the guide. Please let me know if there is something else that needed to be added.

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Mac OS X 10.10 Released


Today Apple has announced the release of Mac OS X 10.10. Later today the install guide will be updated for 10.10. Let the fun begin.

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DMG Update Fixed


I updated the x79 and Haswell DMG yesterday to support Mac OS X 10.10. However they did not sync with Dropbox but has since been corrected.

As for the Haswell DMG the Gigabyte SSDT’s have been updated with minimal changes. Asus SSDT’s will be also updated some time in the next week. MSI SSDT’s are now in the final testing stages and will enable full support of the boards under Mac OS X. The biggest issues with MSI boards was onboard audio which has since been addressed.


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