x79 DMG Updated


x79 DMG has been updated to address issues under Mac OS X 10.10. Let me know if there are any issues with the updated.

The following was updated:

USB 3.0 Kext Added to the BETA folder

Clover Config File Updated

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Mac OS X 10.10 Hackintosh Install Guide Updated


The Mac OS X 10.10 Hackintosh Install Guide has been updated with more in-depth steps and clarifications for users who have not used Clover Bootloader in the past. This should help the users who had various questions about certain steps in the guide. Please let me know if there is something else that needed to be added.

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Mac OS X 10.10 Released


Today Apple has announced the release of Mac OS X 10.10. Later today the install guide will be updated for 10.10. Let the fun begin.

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DMG Update Fixed


I updated the x79 and Haswell DMG yesterday to support Mac OS X 10.10. However they did not sync with Dropbox but has since been corrected.

As for the Haswell DMG the Gigabyte SSDT’s have been updated with minimal changes. Asus SSDT’s will be also updated some time in the next week. MSI SSDT’s are now in the final testing stages and will enable full support of the boards under Mac OS X. The biggest issues with MSI boards was onboard audio which has since been addressed.


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10.10 Support for DMG’s Coming This Weekend


Mac OS X 10.10 testing is now complete. This weekend I will be releasing a updated DMG for full 10.10 support. Also you will not need any additional boot flags if and only if you use the files provided on the DMG. Thanks for all the feedback from the testing period.

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Mac OS X 10.10 Testers Needed


I am looking for current x79 users who are testing Mac OS X 10.10. I have the files needed to enable full support under Mac OS X but I need a handful of testers to verify that these files work on there systems. Please reply here if you are interested. If I get enough users willing to test I will add it to the BETA folder on the x79 DMG.

These files will address Power Management under Mac OS X 10.10 as this is the only outstanding issue for most users at this time.

Also to clarify that if you have a Gigabyte x79 board your board does not support Power Management and you can not test these files.


Pending any major issues I will be uploading a new x79 DMG tomorrow with the 10.10 files.

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x99 DMG Released


Today I am announcing the release of the x99 DMG. Included on the DMG are the SSDT’s and Kexts needed to enable full functionality for a x99 based system. Onboard audio is enabled with the SSDT’s and a Patched AppleHDA as stated by the post here is on the DMG. The AppleHDA is not patched for the codex and must be installed prior to patching it for your codex. HDMI audio will work without issues at this time. Please post a IOreg after installing the new files and SSDT. The DMG can be found up in the Main Bar under x99 DMG.

With this release I would ask for the users of the new DMG to donate to help assist further development of the x99 DMG and other DMG’s as well. I am also looking to sell my main board, CPU and RAM from my x79 system if you or someone you know would be interested so that I can afford to upgrade to a x99 system myself which would assist development.

The goal for this fundraiser is $1000. I have set it high so I can make the necessary changes to improve the site and obtain more hardware to test and debug. You can Donate here. Thank you for your donations.

Funds Raised


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